A Trip of Shopping and Leisure to Nepal

Nepal is not only a famous tourist destination, but also it is considered an affordable shopping destination. Nepal is a small country in the size, but it is very rich in the natural wonders, religious spots, and adventure spots, so it is very famous in all over the world. If you are planning a long Nepal Tour, you should also plan for shopping experience. Nepal is one of the most popular shopping destinations for shoppers. This amazing country has a good collection of small, big markets and big bazaars, so you can buy your favorite things in the reasonable rates. Pokhara and Kathmandu are the most popular shopping spots for those people, who want to purchase Nepali items.  From affordable to costly items, all could find in these places. If you are planning to travel Nepal, you must not miss out to make a shopping trip to these shopping hubs.

Kathmandu- A Popular Shopping Spot in Nepal

Kathmandu, a capital city is popularly known as a paradise for shopper, if you’re ready to visit the local streets shop of this pretty city. This city is the first tourist attraction, so everyone can go for shopping experience. Artifacts, Monks robes, Woolen garments, Soft Silks are the most popular items found in this place, so you can get the best products in the affordable prices. Really, it is very affordable place for buying the best Nepali items in the low costs. So when you are on the tour of Nepal, you should make a buying visit here.

Indra Chowk: - A Hot Shopping Spot for Shoppers in Nepal

Indra Chowk is one of the most popular shopping places for buying attractive and long benefited stuffs. It is an important part of Kathmandu market. It is very famous for shoppers.  The perfect combination of Kathmandu Durbar Square, Makhan, Jana Baha, Asan, and Naxal has made it as the best shopping place for all types of travelers.

Pokhara:-  A popular place for buying Mountain Flowers & Handicrafts

Pokhara is one of the most admired shopping places for those people, who are on the tour of Nepal. It is called the city of lakes. It has a good collection of shopping markets. It is very popular for mountain flowers, spices, and handicrafts, so you can get all these items in very affordable prices.

Durbar square: A Pretty Shopping Spot for Artifacts

Durbar square is a very local Nepali market where you can get unique items for various uses. It has so many things to allure thousands of people from different corners of the country.  Here, some local Nepali dealers sell a wide variety of artifacts made up of silver, ivory or coral, and turquoise. Some gold and silver items are also found here. If you want to make your tour special, Travels2nepal, an online tour portal can help you rightly. This tour guide offers exciting deals for Nepal Tour Package in very affordable budget.


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